Audio & Video
Audio & Video

Stereos with Bluetooth? Check. GPS Navigation systems? Mmhmm. Headrest monitors to keep my kids quiet? That's a must. Here you'll find all your audio and visual needs. From entry level coaxial speakers, to high-end, hand-made Italian amplifiers, we've got you covered.

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  • Stereos

    Need a replacement stereo? What about a touch-screen to browse your iPod? Look no further. From brands like Pioneer and Kenwood, we stock multiple units for any application.

  • Screens & Nav

    Sick of trying to fiddle with tiny buttons or squint at a tiny LCD? Yeah, we feel your pain. Step up your car's stereo game with one of our many DVD touchscreens. Get lost going to the grocery store? GPS Navigation probably is a good idea.

  • Speakers

    What's that crackle? Oh, that's just your midrange blown to pieces. No need to panic, we have replacements for every make and model. Entry level to upscale, let's get a fresh pair of speakers in there.

  • Subwoofers

    BOOM BOOM BOOM... let me hear you say KRANK IT...KRANK IT. Seriously though, not all subs are created equal. Just replaced your speakers and feel like it's missing something? A SUB. Low end frequencies simply cannot be reproduced clearly without one.

  • Amplifiers

    I JUST NEED NEW SPEAKERS. While you're right, one of the most common misconceptions is better speakers are louder. NO NO NO! Unfortunately aftermarket speakers REQUIRE more power, only to be achieved with the proper amp. Trust us on this one.

  • Accessories

    Yes, that's your trunk rattling, and no, it's not cool. Need a dash kit for a 08 Acura TL? We make them in house. Trying to install your radio but don't want to lop off the plug? We stock hundreds of parts for any install, big or small.

  • Headrest & Overhead

    Anyone who's ever had kids, or does currently, we can relate. Nothings worse than hearing 'are we there yet?'. Keep your kids quiet and yourself sane with one of our many DVD solutions.  From ceiling drop down to headrest replacements, we carry all shapes and sizes.

  • Processors & EQs

    Not everyone is an Audiophile. Heck, some don't even know what the term means. Even to an untrained ear, high end systems often lack basic tuning. There's only a few ways to properly tune a system, and that begins with the right processor & equalization.