While 12V is our main focus, we also offer many accessories to help kustomize your ride. From weather mats to rain guards, we offer only the best accessories on the market. Take a look around and let us know if you have any questions!

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  • Window Tinting

    It's possible we're a bit bias, however everyone at the shop tends to agree; one of the essentials to any vehicle is proper window tinting. We offer only the best film on the market handmade in the US. Don't settle for cheap tint that will fade - we offer a lifetime warranty on every tint purchase.

  • HID & LED Replacement

    Trouble seeing at night with those lousy halogen bulbs? Upgrade your headlights today with our LED & HID kits. With nearly twice the light output, they are amongst the most substantial upgrades you can do to your vehicle's lighting. We offer only the highest quality LEDs & HIDs on the market.

  • Lightbars & Cubes

    You own a Jeep. You don't have a lightbar. How the heck are you going to see on the trails in Vermont? We offer a full range of LED lights & brackets for nearly ever make and model. Having trouble seeing in your bobcat? Check out some of our Construction Grade cube lighting.

  • Radar Detecting & Jamming

    You own a high end German sports saloon. It's hard to keep it under 100, we get it. However, those tickets add up and your insurance company hates you. We offer a full range of Radar Detectors and Laser jammers to keep those tickets at bay.

  • Interior

    You just got your dream car - exact year make model and color. But it's missing one thing. HEATED SEATS AND LEATHER! Not to worry, we offer OE grade leather kits & heated seats for any vehicle. Don't forget to protect your new investment; laser cut weather mats save your carpets from salt and snow.

  • Exterior

    Brand new Chevy with the Lift Kit? Grandma Gladys doesn't approve. Our motorized sidesteps add functionality without compromising the look of your new truck. Sick of soaking your window switches while you're singing in the rain? Check out our in-channel rain guards.