Mobile Electronics
Mobile Electronics

Being in the industry over 30 years, we secured out roots installing power antennas and Jensen triaxials. Today, we've expanded our portfolio and carry only the BEST products on the market. Hand picked every year, we're picky about our product, period. From basic stereos to complex audio processing, we have what you need.

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  • Audio & Video

    Stereos with Bluetooth? Check. GPS Navigation systems? Mmhmm. Headrest monitors to keep my kids quiet? That's a must. Here you'll find all your audio and visual needs. From entry level coaxial speakers, to high-end, hand-made Italian amplifiers, we've got you covered.

  • Alarms & Starters

    Winter, oh Boston winters... how we love you. Don't frown just yet, we have many solutions to help you get through the snow and cold. Need some added protection? Our 2-way alarm systems help notify you incase someone decides your bumper is well... a bumper.

  • Parking Assistance

    Alright let's not beat around the bush here. We've seen your bumper and lack of paint. Backup cameras and parking sensors can be added to any vehicle new or used. With options like OE integration and paint matching, let's save those bumpers.

  • iPod/AUX Integration

    You know what's worse than buying a car without a steering wheel? NOT BEING ABLE TO PLAY YOUR MUSIC. We've all been there, just purchased Sally and BAM, where the heck is the AUX input? No need to worry, we've got plenty of options.

  • Bluetooth Integration

    Driving to New Hampshire soon? Better not touch that phone, or you're getting a ticket. We're all guilty of ordering Pizza on our way home from work. Next time order with both hands on the wheel courtesy of a brand new Bluetooth radio. Papa Gino thanks you.

  • GPS Tracking

    Want to see where you wife goes while you're at work? Hire a PI. Want to keep track of your employees and their routes? We've got a solution for your company or business. From realtime to on-demand, our tracking solutions work for any sized fleet.