2015 F150 Platinum Tailgate Build

2015 F150 Platinum Tailgate Build
  1. Backlit Shot

So you must be asking yourself - what the heck am I looking at? Well, that's very simple. You're looking at a refined, classy, upscale build only using the best products and materials. Our client considers himself best in the business, and his work speaks for itself. He shopped around from shop to shop before choosing the right one. What he wanted was simple. Amazing sound quality, plenty of volume, and the best materials the market had to offer. Say no more. We carefully crafted a full audio and video system hidden and enclosed in the bed of his pickup.

This build was carefully crafted from start to finish. With CAD & CD designing, everything was cut on our in-house CNC machine. The TV motorization was completed using a welded steel frame and industrial actuator with built-in limit switches. No details were spared; we machined aluminum rings for the Hertz SPL woofers. The boxes were built out of exterior sign materials made to withstand the elements, just in-case.

As far as products go, we needed it loud and clear. Hertz SPL equipment was chosen for mids and highs, and the lows were achieved with some DC Audio level 4s. The box was ported straight out and the port was included in the design elements. The TV is a marine grade outdoor LCD screen used in boats and pool houses. The whole thing is powered by two giant Shuriken 5k batteries and an upgraded Mechman alternator.

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